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Используя навыки и опыт наших сотрудников, среди которых есть носители английского, чешского и русского языков, Visa Force предлагает весь комплекс визовых услуг по одному из самых доступных тарифов в стране.

Мы занимаемся вопросами визовой поддержки уже много лет и по праву гордимся результатами своей деятельности.
Избранные клиенты
Мы стараемся сохранить наши цены доступными для своих клиентов. Всю информацию о стоимости наших услуг вы можете получить по
Full Service Visa
6000 Kc

Assistance for the entire visa process ie: Planning of the dates of application meetings at embassies, preparation of all necessary documents, securing the trade license, registration with the social security office, financial office, and the foreign police. Everything on the basis of a power of attorney from the client so there is no need for personal participation. We provide a personal accompaniment (when needed) to all offices outside of the Czech Embassy.
Trade License
2000 Kc

Establishment of a trade license and assistance in obtaining all of the necessary documents for a legal working trade license.
Various Office Visits
500 Kc

Registration with Social insurance office, financial office, or with any health insurance agency. Change of address / name / business address. All based on a signed power of attorney.
Ministry of the Interior Visits
500 Kc

Personal accompaniment for any purpose at the Czech Ministry of the Interior acting both as translator and council.
Other Fees

Most of these processes require payments to the respective offices which are not included in the service fee. These include, for example: Visa processing fee: 2500 Kc, payment upon registration at the trade office: 1000 Kc, postage translations (we provide translations with a court order on request), etc.
"Visa Force is a great company, sorted out my foreign police obligations, my zivnostensky and also my permanent residency. Friendly and efficient, would definitely recommend them. Thank you Dave and Kristyna!"

Tom Morris - UK
"Proactive and friendly, Visa Force has been extremely helpful in helping me navigate the exciting world of Czech bureaucracy! Scheduling appointments at foreign Czech consulates? Check. Helping you understand what and where you need to go next? Sure thing. I gladly recommended them!"

Adam Schoenman - USA
"I don't know what I would have done without the help of Visa Force. Both Dave and Kristyna are incredibly friendly and responsive people and it's obvious that they care immensely about their clients. I highly recommend their services and I wish I could take them with me when I move to next destination."

Korrina Kim Davis - Australia
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