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VisaForce is proud to offer a brilliant Czech staff with Native English speakers at the helm. We can communicate the Visa details as people who have gone through multiple visa processes and have over 2000 successfully completed visas on their resumes. We are here for your needs.

VisaForce TEFL

VisaForce is currently serving 4 active TEFL schools in Prague, and we treat each one with the diligence and quality that both the school and the students deserve. Allow us to work as an appendage of your business to strengthen your reputation and make sure your students have a resource for their integration into Czech life.


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Tom Morris

Visa Force is a great company, sorted out my foreign police obligations, my zivnostensky and also my permanent residency. Friendly and efficient, would definitely recommend them. Thank you Dave and Kristyna!
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About VisaForce

Formed in 2015 under a different name, VisaForce was created by American Expats to help other expats fully immerse themselves into the Czech culture & lifestyle. They have taken a strong stand against the extortion and exploitation of migrants by providing an affordable and honest all-around migration service. The method of Americans working alongside Czech has never been replicated in Czech. We are here for you.