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The decision to move to Prague can be a difficult one and a lot of times there are more questions than answers regarding this life-changing event. One can wonder if the Czech culture culture is close to their own, what the standard of living is like, and if they will be economically successful in making such a move. Well there are more variables involved in your individual situation than just what the city has laid out for you. Allow VisaForce to shed some light on this process from the perspective of our cofounder who migrated to Czech Republic from the USA. 

“I didn’t have a lot of prospects when I came to Czech Republic. I was certainly not qualified for much and this was all very intimidating. I signed up for a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course really not knowing what to expect. 

What I learned after the course is what I lacked in accreditation, I made up for in confidence and personality. It is a very different lifestyle than anything I have experienced in the USA. I have found that creativity and networking works wonders in Czech Republic while the USA focuses more on merit and connections. I came here for one year and since then have made a great life for myself.” 

When moving to Prague. There should definitely be a well thought out battle plan to enact to assure certain hardships can be avoided.

Before moving to Prague:

  • Sit down and think of what you generally would like to do in Prague. A lot of time can be saved if you have an idea of how you will function and earn in Czech society. Make sure your craft can be legally implemented in Cz and you have the societal understanding to execute this plan. 
  • Learn some basic Czech phrases. While Czech is a very difficult language, even an attempt at speaking Czech can be the difference in someone meeting you linguistically half-way or just shutting you out. 
  • Save up as much money as possible. While you do need to have a certain amount in a bank account for certain visas, relocation can be very expensive and cost quite a bit more than your standard European vacation. Remember, most housing units would like the first month, last month, security deposit, and an agency fee just to move in. Also, with any visa, you will not be allowed to legally make any money until you have an active visa (not tourism) which can take 4-6 months. 
  • Research the economy. One of the biggest mistakes people make when they come to Czech Republic is marveling at how cheap everything is. This leads to some people living quite a lavish lifestyle upon first arriving. Imagine eating at a restaurant 5-15 meals a week. Yes it is cheap when you hold American dollars or British Pounds. However, this will cause a whirlpool effect in your savings and can drain money very quickly.
  • Look up the average costs of items before you marvel at their affordability. It is quite possible that outside the city center, things may be even more affordable. 
  • Make sure you acquire all legal documents before you leave. It saves a lot of time and money making sure you bring everything you need for your employment and visa. This could include a criminal affidavit, college diploma, marriage certificate, or Birth Certificate. Any document issued by a state needs to come with an Apostille which is a certificate of authentication. Check with your Visa Agency on what you will need to bring and the processes that follow. 

Once in Prague:

  • Find a place to live. One of the trickiest mazes to navigate. There are a variety of living situations based on your expectations. Hostels, hotels, apartments, roommate situations, whole properties etc. 
  • Utilize internet and social media sites to find a place that is right for you. Keep in mind that people rent properties very quickly in Prague so be prepared to make an offer when you are on site touring the location. 
  • Get a phone plan and set up your bank account. You will need both to be able to function in Czech Republic. Make sure you research what is needed to sign up for each service. Lots of banks will ask for documents like proof of accommodation or proof of residency. 
  • Begin your visa process asap if you do not have a visa yet. You are given 90 days to legally stay in “The Schengen Zone” so there is no time to waste.
  • Find an agency to answer your questions and the sooner you apply, the sooner you will find yourself legally in Czech Republic able to work and function. 
  • Reach out to various communities for support. There are a plethora of English speaking groups that are very inclusive and can help mitigate the stresses of moving to a new country and help you set up a social circle. They have been around and can help you with some sound advice on the do’s and don’t of living in Czech Republic. 

Czech Republic (like most cities) rarely offers any guarantees. However, being able to carve a life out for yourself is quite easy in this city if you take the time to appreciate the culture and learn how the society functions. Several pieces of advice to offer up from us to you would be: 

  • Save up as much money as you can. 
  • Take the time to appreciate the local currency. Czech is cheap. However, when you are living on a Czech salary, not so much. 
  • Start your visa process early. 
  • Expect there to be road bumps and try to take them in stride.
  • Keep someone with local knowledge in your contacts. This can always help you out of a bind. 
  • Stay positive and enjoy the adventure! 
  • Please reach out to VisaForce to begin your adventure today!


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VisaForce is currently serving 4 active TEFL schools in Prague, and we treat each one with the diligence and quality that both the school and the students deserve. Allow us to work as an appendage of your business to strengthen your reputation and make sure your students have a resource for their integration into Czech life.


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Visa Force is a great company, sorted out my foreign police obligations, my zivnostensky and also my permanent residency. Friendly and efficient, would definitely recommend them. Thank you Dave and Kristyna!
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