The Zivnostensky list or “Zivno” is referred to as a “Trade License” in English. This is one way to earn money in Czech Republic. With a trade license, you will not be working for a company the traditional style of them paying you a monthly salary, benefits, and so on. With a trade license, you will be working as an independent contractor performing tasks in exchange for compensation. This is closely associated with the style of the “1099” tax status of independent workers in the USA. 

A trade license essentially means that you are responsible for filing your owner taxes and paying your own social and health contributions every month. Upon the registration of your trade license, you will receive an ICO which is an 8-digit number that you include with your invoices to the various businesses you work with. 

To acquire a trade license in Czech Republic, you will need the following:

  • An Active Visa/ your passport. 
  • A criminal background check from your country with an apostille. 
  • A business address form signed by a majority property owner giving you permission to use their property as your business hub. 
  • 1,000kc for the trade license office to register you. 

Keep in mind, this is if you already have another visa in Czech Republic (employment, marriage, etc...) and if you would like to get a visa based on a trade license, it is a much longer process.

Please contact your visa agency if you would like to acquire a trade license. 

A Trade License Visa 

If you would like to have a visa as a trade license holder, you are in good company. This is the most common of visas for native English speakers coming to Prague. There are some elements to keep in mind when having a Trade License Visa. 

  • You have to register and pay taxes to 3 offices in Cz.
    1. Social tax (CSSZ) 
    2. Health insurance (If you qualify for state insurance)
    3. Finance office for end of year taxes 
  • You are not a full time worker anywhere and do not merit the benefits of full time work under federal law. 
  • You will need to change your visa if a company wishes to properly employ you. 
  • If you work in an industry that requires a certificate, you need to produce a state issued certificate granting you the ability to perform this work (ie: Working with food, therapy, etc...). 

The trade license document will require the previously mentioned items to attain. However, you cannot legally work and invoice for your services until your visa has been approved and trade license registered after you acquire the visa. For more details about the trade license and/or the trade license visa. Please contact your visa agency.


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