VisaForce PRO

VisaForce PRO is our main service and our entire staff is devoted to taking you through the process step by step. You will always have a native Czech speaker and a native English speaker with you as you navigate your visa application.

We manage a multitude of office visits on your behalf as well as secure any documents that may come from various Czech offices. We make sure your application is acceptable according to Czech laws and monitor the process while keeping you up to date on the status of your progress.

6,500 KC

A Better Way To Get Your Visa

Native Speakers

Never get lost in translation again. Speak your native language with others from a similar background. Leave the Czech speaking to our Czech speakers.

Affordable Rates

We have seen some absurd pricing for these services in Prague. We make sure we keep all pricess as reasonable as possible.

State of the art technology

We want to utilize modern technology to approach the challenges of today. Our system is a one-of-a-kind system that can’t be found with any other agency.

Confident & Professional Team

Who better to help you than people who have gone through the process themselves? Our team has had a plethera of visas in the past and can easily replicate the success they have had with their own process.
Working Process

How We Work

Here we meet for the first time & put together your application process. We will answer any questions & identify any potential problems.
Documents Collection
This is when we put together all of the legal documents pertaining to your application.
You and a native speaker will submit your application in accordance with Czech Law.
After approval, we will elongate any necessary documents and send you off prepared for your next application.

Other Services

Trade License
Acquisition and Registration with all of the financial offices in Prague allowing you to become an independent contractor.
Office Visits
Book a native Czech speaker to accompany you to any office you need as your personal interpretor.

What Our Clients Say

Tom Morris

Visa Force is a great company, sorted out my foreign police obligations, my zivnostensky and also my permanent residency. Friendly and efficient, would definitely recommend them. Thank you Dave and Kristyna!
Application Tracker

Get started to track your application

About VisaForce

Formed in 2015 under a different name, VisaForce was created by American Expats to help other expats fully immerse themselves into the Czech culture & lifestyle. They have taken a strong stand against the extortion and exploitation of migrants by providing an affordable and honest all-around migration service. The method of Americans working alongside Czech has never been replicated in Czech. We are here for you.