Terms of Service

VisaForce does not guarantee the acquisition of the aforementioned visa nor do we hold any accountability in regards to documents that have been forged, altered, or otherwise tampered with. We prepare and submit documents based on the legal expectations of the Czech Ministry of the Interior. Should your Visa be denied due to error on behalf of VisaForce we will refund your invoice OR assist in your appeal process. The invoice is expected to be fully settled within 2 weeks of your embassy/ministry appointment unless otherwise noted. VisaForce cannot and will not engage in any felonious or deceptive practices for the purpose of obtaining a Visa. VisaForce will assist with all necessary tasks until your Visa has been acquired and authenticated. We reserve the right to deny service based on any principle before receiving compensation for tasks performed.

Client understands that it is not allowed to be legally working until the visa has been fully obtained and their final trade license received.

Client fully understands that it is not allowed to remain in the Schengen zone after their 90 day tourist visa but before the visa is approved.

Client understands that doing so may be subject to fines, deportation, and a possible ban from the Schengen zone.

VisaForce responsibilities:

  • To provide the client with full information of the trade license and visa process
  • To guide the client through the whole process, prepared required documentation and provide the client with required forms
  • To set the client's interview appointment at a Czech embassy
  • Upon visa receipt, arrange for foreign police registration, obtain trade license with identification number, registration with health care system, social security and tax office